I think I’m actually going to be happy when infinite go missing for several months. when they aren’t on any music shows, varieties not even radios. just completely disappear for a while so we know they’re not doing /anything/ except resting. rest and come back as a stronger infinite (if that’s even possible) then completely sweep the charts. ugh I don’t even understand why they haven’t won yet. before I even stanned them I thought they were beyond worthy of winning number 1. this is crazy..be mine promotions then going to japan for btd. so when are they actually going to get some rest? woohyun has already performed with a bad back from the btd mv filming, now he’s gone and performed with a 40 degrees temperature..we’ve all seen the amount of medicine gyu keeps in his drawers, yeol and myungsoo are constantly balancing their acting with singing, hoya and dongwoo are getting injured from dancing so much and sungjong is..well tbh I don’t even know about jjong, he’s always so lively and happy all the time I bet he’s just hiding all of his tiredness behind his pretty face. stop dancing 16 hours a day and sleep for that amount of time instead ㅠㅠ

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    ^ this 100% ;_; they need a break…
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